US L-1 Visa & Green Card

The US is a country of dreams. In past, millions of people have migrated to the country permanently. In recent years, the USCIS has made immigrating to the country difficult. It’s no more a cakewalk to acquire American Green Card but if you are lucky to have acquired L-1 Visa it is very much possible to live your dreams in reality in just a couple of months.

L-1 Visa is basically a non-immigrant temporary visa which allows executives and managers to relocate to the US branch or subsidiary company for a limited period. The applicant must have worked in the branch/subsidiary office for at least one year in the last three years. The category also includes charitable organizations, and religious trust.

The reason why L-1 Visa is popular among prospective immigrants is that it is a ‘dual intent’ category. This means an L-1 Visa holder may submit a petition for American Green Card without fearing of losing his present L-1 status. Yes, it is true you stand a chance to qualify for Green Card while you are living and working in the country on the category!

For L-1 Visa holder, a specific category was created EB-1C. It is employment based category and reserved for exceptional talent in various fields, such as business, arts, education, science and sports.

The requirements under the EB-1C are almost similar to those L-1 visas.

  • The origin of the company must be at least one year old.
  • The firm must be deeply involved in business activities in the country as well as with other nations on continuous process.
  • The applicant must have worked for a branch/subsidiary office (in or outside the US) for at least one year in the last three years at either managerial or executive post.

How USA L-1 Visa leads to Green Card?

Your Green Card application will be processed once your employer on your behalf files a visa petition on the Form I-140. The major advantage of the EB-1C visa is that the petitioner does not have to undergo the tedious labor certification process. In general cases, it is mandatory for the petitioner to obtain the same which is often time consuming and a expensive process used to determine if the petitioner is qualified enough to fill the vacant position in overseas hotspot.

Your petition will be submitted by multiple documents for instance documents that prove that you have worked as Manger or Executive in the past including your job responsibilities, documents to prove you L-1 Visa approval and so on.

Once your petition is accepted and approved, you can submit an application for Green Card, and after six months you may be called for an interview. Thereafter verdict on your petition will be delivered. After submitting your Green Card application, you will be free to travel abroad till the time your L-1 Visa is valid.

Note: The acceptance of your application is not an assurance that you will be granted Green Card.


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