VAC – Visa Application Charge for Australia

The supporting finance is one of the most important criteria that are considered while an immigration

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application is being considered for any country. The same rule applies while immigrating to Australia.

In order to migrate to Australia, one must comply with the necessary requirements that have been laid down by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship Australia. These include application fee which is a critical component while an application is being reviewed. This is called the Visa Application Charge (VAC). This charge has to be paid in Australian dollars only and is not refundable, even if the application is rejected.

This application fee is reviewed on the 1st July of every year. So, it is best to decide and apply before this particular date. This would save you in case the amount per application is increased.

If you are applying from outside Australia, this amount along with the application has to be paid at the Australian High Commission or the Embassy or the Consulate. In such a case, an exception is made with an equivalent being paid in the local currency. The exchange rates are renewed every year on the 1st January and on the 1st July. It has to be remembered that the foreign currency rates are fixed only for six months after which it is evaluated again. An alternative option to avoid such a confusion is to ask one of your friends in Australia (if any) to deposit the money at the local office.

Changes in VAC – The Aftermath

As mentioned above, the cost of the VAC is completely based on the date of the application submission and when it is received by the department. You might end up paying more in the following instances:

  • If you submit your application after 1st January or 1st July.
  • If your application is received after the above mentioned dates inspite of you submitting well in advance.
  • You pay for the VAC in an overseas office before the due dates but submit the application in a local Australian office only after the specific days.

However, in all the cases it has to be remembered that an application would only be considered if the right amount has been paid. In some cases, it might even be returned back with a request to submit again with the processing fee.

For more, it is best to contact a registered Visa and Immigration expert who is abreast with all the latest rules and guidelines to be followed.



  • Rohit Gupta

    Hello Sir,

    I want to have some information regarding Australian Business visa (456). I got the invitation letter from a company in Australia. The purpose of the visit is to finalizing my job interview. They suggested me to apply for a business visa (456). I want to know that in Australian business Visa do I need to put the letter from my current employer as well and telling my current employer the purpose of my visit?
    Further I do not want to inform my current employer about my purpose. If this is mandatory please suggest me the other way by which I can go and finalize my interview.

    With Best Regards,

  • Aloke Uchechukwu Patrick

    please my is Mr Aloke Patrick from Nigeria . Please i have done the australia . immigrationexpert assessement for skilled workers and i passed it but i have forgoting the price of the visa . So my question is how much is the visa and is it with accommodation . they have giving me my identity number but i withdraw the time of payment but now i am ready for it . thanks for your cooperation and hope to hear from you soon .

  • i hav completed BCA in 2006. i went to australia in 2007 to studi ADV.DIP. in Hospitality MAnagement. i came back in nov 2009. can any one give a best way apply PR from india coz i have no visa.

  • Majority of your queries relate to Education in Australia. It is best that you meet or approach an agent / consultant who is based in your country and able to guide you about appropriate study program and applicable fee

  • peyman_tabatabaee

    Dear all,
    I am new to this forum.I would like to ask you some questions about going to Australia. I am 39,iranian,single,have Chemical Eng.(got in 1994)with the main subject of Gas Industries.I have various of work experience, but unfortunately not in my course . At the present , i prepare myself for IELTS test.Will you please guide me whatever i should know/do if :
    1)Wanna continue studying in my course / the other course and work there simultanously .
    2) Just wanna come there & work with the goal of studying there in appropriate time in the future.
    I am also able to bring about 50000-100000 USD with myself to invest there .That is very kind of you to let me know the approximate tuition fees + living expense per year & any other important things which an immigrant / student has to know .

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