US Visa System Nearly Completely Running

Are you a would-be migrant to the US? Here’s a very positive news report–on the failures of the US Visa system, from the US Department of State–for you! Every visa-issuing consulate is presently back online. The issue had also disrupted the issuance of passports to those with US citizenship.

Permit interviews–for the issuing of non-immigrant & immigrant permits–are also being duly programmed. Still, some issues continue with online immigrant visa petitions. However, the Department of State is toiling non-stop to fix the problem.

Reportedly, more than 100 computer specialists are working continuously to fix a hardware fault impacting the US visa & passport system. The structure had not been functional since June 7, and it was reported that the US immigration organization had been powerless to proffer more than 700,000 permits to visitors for more than two weeks.USA Visa

Hardware Fault Brings To Halt US Permit Issuance

A hardware problem had resulted in the error, and it had stopped the US immigration authorities from documenting & storing photographs and/or fingerprints obtained at the time of security checks.

Talking about the development, a concerned spokesperson reportedly stated sometime back that with 50,000 petitions gained on a usual day, the US Department of State are apparently toiling non-stop to positively address the matter. More than 100 computer specialists from across the private & public fields are involved to handle the situation.

The difficulties with permit issuance have denoted that several consulates & embassies are left with no options except to delay the processing of permits. But, the State Department’s new update states they have handed over more than 300,000 non-immigrant permits in the previous week.


According to the State Department, it would handle the build-up, via processing biometric checks that are already awaiting, and out of the 335,000 permits waiting for clearance, from June 9 to June to 19 clearances have been given, 300,000, and the remaining of the build-up would be duly removed this week. Priority processing has also been given to those who have to make a trip straight away. And there will be no change in situation until the structure becomes entirely functional.

As mentioned before, the development has also impacted the citizens of the US, and one may still be witness to processing hold-ups for the issuance of the passports in the US and overseas. But, for overseas petitions, emergency passports could be given for critical journey.

Allegedly, it appears that every H-2 permit–pending for the time-frame between 9 and 19 June–have presently been proffered, and with a bit of luck, the US visa structure will be back to usual before long.


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