UK Visitor Visa from India–Requirements & Application Process Decoded

So you are interested in applying for a UK Visitor Visa from India and want to figure out the requirements for the visa and also the application process for the same, right? Well you are on the right page!

Check it and satiate your thirst for the right information on the UK Visitor Visa from India!

Visitor Visa–also known as Tourist Visa–is up-for-grabs in two kinds, namely, Short stay Visitor Visas and Long Term Visitor Visas. The former usually has a validity of six months while the latter can be issued with a validity period of up to 2, 5 or 10 years. You can present a petition for the latter in case you can show that you can’t help make regular trips to the famed hotspot over a period of time, even while the aim of such trips would continue to be unchanged till the validity of the visa.

UK Visitor Visa from India

UK Visitor Visa from India

UK Visitor Visa from India Key Requirements

You need to present some important documents to get UK Visitor Visa from India and these are:

  1. A passport that’s legally valid for not less than six months and which has not less than two blank pages.
  2. The correct visa charges.
  3. Two latest 50 mm * 50 mm size photographs that clearly show your face. Your eyes must not be covered even with hair.
  4. Suitably filled online petition form and declaration with signatures. (Printed & suitably signed).
  5. Supporting documents that show that the aim of your travel is 100% genuine and it is sight-seeing/business/study/medicine.
  6. Supporting documents–like international credit card, forex card, hard cash, etc.–that clearly show that you have the necessary money to maintain yourself for the period of your stay in the country, and that it can meet all expenses related to lodging, food and travel(inside the UK, and back to your native nation).
  7. Supporting documents that show that you are well-heeled enough (have strong links to your native nation) and that you will not leave all the belongings (property/ liquid money/bank FD/etc.) to stay back in UK, as an unlawful immigrant. Details related to your immediate family will also be required.

UK Visitor Visa from India Application Process

If one talks about the process, well, it is simple. Get the application form from the official UK Immigration website and fill it in. Attach the necessary documents mentioned above. Then take an appointment from either your nearest VFS centre or UK embassy and visit it on the scheduled date. Complete the formalities, pay your visa charges, and face an interview if asked for it.

On the submission of your documents, you will get a receipt with a code. Use it to check your status!

For more information and help on the subject of getting UK Visitor Visa from India, check with an expert UK Immigration Advisor.


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