Want US or Canada PR through Investment Path? Engage Expert Business Immigration Visa Consultants!

Becoming a permanent resident abroad in a very developed country, like the US or Canada, is a dream of many aspirants having deep pockets. But often due to the lack of knowledge and guidance on the subject, many people fail to get a Permanent Resident Visa (PRV) of their dream destination. For such people, the professional Business Immigration Visa Consultants can play a key role, and help them move abroad as a permanent resident, with ease and speed.

But before we dwell on the virtues of these Business Immigration Visa Consultants, let’s talk about these two top overseas destinations, and find out what’s on offer from these two nations to the business immigration candidates!

Business Immigration Visa Consultants

Business Immigration Visa Consultants


Let’s start with the US first!

The US offers an investment-based US Green Card. To make the cut, as per the requirements, the aspirant needs to make an investment of 10, 00,000 or 5, 00,000 into a US business. It is necessary that this full-time investment generates 10 fresh full-time opportunities.

After the investment is made, the investor-applicant has to submit an application, known as I-526 Petition, with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). It has comprehensive details related to the investor and also the source of the investment capitals, the money-making business.

After the candidate gets an investment based Greed Card, he also obtains a conditional Green Card that is legally valid for a time-frame of 24 months. Employing this Conditional Card, the investor can move minus any curbs.

Through the 90 day period–prior to the card loses its validity–it is mandatory that the investor-candidate submits an I-829 application with the USCIS and requests to eliminate the conditional basis of the Green Card, in the process, making him the nation’s permanent resident.

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Now let’s talk about Canada!

The nation’s Entrepreneur Visa proffers its holder a chance of Permanent Residency (PR) with a sanction to run a business in the country. With a view to make the cut for the visa, it is required that the candidate is armed with not less than two years of relevant business experience, inside the preceding 5 years, not less than 300,000 Canadian Dollars, and a pledge to the running and proprietorship of not less than 33% of this Canadian business.

An unblemished background and medical reports would increase the chances. It is also required that the investor is prepared to engage not less than 1 non-family local person. Language skills in English or French would also be helpful.

Some other good visa schemes–such as Start-up Visa Programme Investor Visa–are also up-for-grabs. Post getting sanction, the investor and family get PR cards, and it won’t be possible to cancel it even if the business ultimately fails.

The investor and family will still continue to have the permission to reside, study, do a job and travel in the nation. The sole requirement is that they should live in the nation for not less than 2-5 years with a view to be qualified for the nation’s Citizenship.

So, in a nutshell this is how, as an overseas investor, you can get a PR Visa in these two overseas hotspots!

Coming back to Visa Consultants for Business Immigration, sign-up these professionals, and get a PR Visa for any of these two nations easily and without any difficulties!

Expert Canada or US Business Immigration Visa Consultants will prove to be your best and the most trusted ally and mentor, in your quest to get the prized PR of your favorite hotspot, through the business/investment route.

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