Want to Know about Canada PR Process from India 2014

Do you want to immigrate to the ‘Maple Leaf Country’? If the answer is ‘yes’, why not migrate to the country with a Permanent Resident Visa, also called PR visa? It’s a dream of lakhs of Indian immigrants who want to kick-start their journey to the beautiful and highly developed immigration hotspot.Free Assessment form

If you are keen to get the most out of the Canadian social and geographical benefits, then the PR Visa is just meant for you. The holder of PR Permit does not only access the right to live and work in this amazing country, but, with time, he also becomes entitled to apply for the prized ‘Canadian citizenship’. Yes, as a permanent resident, you can apply for the nation’s citizenship, provided, of course, if you fulfill the conditions.

Canada PR Process from India

Canada PR Process from India

Benefits Enjoyed under PR Status

As a permanent resident, you get several rights; in fact, your rights are almost similar to the ones enjoyed by the nation’s citizens.

  1. The visa holder gets equal opportunity, social security to prosper along with legal rights.
  2. The visa holder can travel in and out of the country as per his will. He can also travel within the country without any limitations or restrictions.
  3. The visa holder, with family, can access the Child Tax Benefits.
  4. They, as per the old age security, are guaranteed income supplement along with Canada Pension Plan.
  5. The visa holder gets universal healthcare, under which most of the medical costs are covered, through the Canadian universal health care program.
  6. The children below the age of 18 are permitted to get free education under the national public school arrangement.

How to process Canada PR from India 2014?

In order to successfully process your application, you need to contact the Canadian High Commission in New Delhi, if you are located in this part of the world. It is also advisable to consult a really good and experienced immigration expert, for a fair and all-inclusive assistance.Check Your Eligibility

Permanent Resident Visa is a permit given to immigrants for immigrating to Canada. But the holders are not considered Canadian citizens; they continue to be the citizens of their native countries. If you travel to any foreign country, Permanent Resident Card is your proof that you are a permanent resident of the Maple Leaf Country. Further, you will require this card to re-enter the country.

When you are a permanent resident of Canada, you can live in any foreign country but your must live in the Maple Leaf Country for a minimum period of two years in a five-year time. If you live outside the nation for longer period, you run the risk of losing your Canadian Permanent Resident Card. And, this may certainly not be a good thing.

In order to obtain PR Card, you are required to submit a separate submission with the appropriate fees for each person in your family, who wishes to obtain a PR Card. Since September 4, 2013, it has become compulsory to submit your biometrics, such as fingerprints and photograph, along with your complete application.

You are eligible to apply for a Permanent Resident Card only if you: have a permanent resident status, you are in Canada, you have not been asked by the Canadian authority to leave the country, and above all, you are not a Canadian citizen.

Frankly speaking, it is not very difficult to process the Canada PR from India 2014. All you need is the right guidance and help from the experts. You should follow the right procedure, and submit the required documents, in the most formal way possible. A neat and clean complete application has an added advantage, and it would certainly increase your chances. It would leave a positive impact on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)–the concerned visa and immigration organization.Click Here



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