Want to Know How to Immigrate To Canada from India under FSW 2014

Canada is a country governed by a parliamentary democracy. As they say, it is a ‘Land of Endless Opportunities’, and attracts lakhs of Indian migrants (much like migrants from other parts of the world) every year, under various visa classes up for grabs.

Over the years, these two well-known and geographically huge nations–India and Canada–have developed a really good bilateral relationship even as the latter has become one of the most preferred immigration hotspots for the migrants from the former, i.e., India.

Federal Skilled Worker Program

Though there are many ways through which, in the past, candidates from India have continuously moved to their dream destination, the recently announced Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Program 2014 has been, perhaps, the most preferred one and also the most awaited one.

Every year, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) announces its FSW Program. Under the scheme, the number of applications accepted under 50 eligible occupations has increased to 25000 from 5000, with a sub cap of maximum of 1000 petitions per line of work. This number has also increased significantly from the last year. Earlier, it was limited to just 300.

To be eligible–to submit an application under any of the 50 entitled occupations–you need to possess the equivalent of at least one year of full-time work experience. The plus point is that under the program you do not require a Canadian job offer. Yes, it is true! Isn’t it great, and something to go to town with?

Many people from India aspire to immigrate to Canada under FSW program 2014, but the major question remains the same: how to do the same? Well, if you are one of those aspirants, who keep asking this question time and again, then here is the solution.

The FSW Program is basically a point based system. You need to obtain a minimum of 67 points, out of the 100 available points. Each applicant will be assessed on the basis of age, education, employment experience, language proficiency, adaptability, and arranged job.

To answer the question, how to immigrate To Canada from India under FSW 2014, you need to get in touch with the Canadian High Commission, based in New Delhi, the capital city of India, and get an application form from there.

However, you can easily submit your application online as well. You can also submit your petition in person, on any working day at the official address in New Delhi. But, it is advisable to self-assess your credentials before you actually start processing your application.

Please note: incomplete or wrongly filled petition, not duly supported by the required documents, will not be entertained. To avoid any last minute set backs, please make sure that your submission is 100%, complete with all the required documents or papers.

Contact Canada Immigration Advisors

The alternate path is to seek professional advice from an immigration expert, and keep your finger cross for the D-day. An immigration specialist makes your process quite easy, and ensures that no mistake or error kills and/or delays your petition.

Frankly speaking, they are the ‘proven’ masters in their domain, and are well aware about the complete procedure. They make sure that all the required papers are in perfect order, the petition form is filled accurately, you do not miss any deadline, and—much more importantly–you are mentally prepared.

No matter which path you eventually choose, the path will lead you towards your dream destination—that’s for sure; of course if you follow the advice in the best possible way. Since it is very likely the cap may be hit quickly, submit your application form at the earliest! Be on the safer side; beat the competition even as you fruitfully move to the destination, under your preferred category!


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