Want Restriction-free Movement within EU? Get Lithuania Residence Permit!

A survivor of World War I and World War II Lithuania is located in Northern Europe. With more than two million inhabitants the country is fast emerging as a hot immigration destination. It is the largest among the three Baltic countries and attracts immigrant, mainly from developing countries.

In spite of its decades of political disturbance, the nation has fast emerged as a European hot immigration destination. Besides fast growing economy, the other reason that attracts immigrants is an easy and smooth entry in Europe and a restriction-free travel within the European Union (EU) and Schengen member countries. Often among prospective immigrants, the overseas hotspot is referred as an easy gateway in Europe.

If you are thinking of immigrating to the country, then the time is just right to apply for Lithuania Residence Permit as the country’s currency has become stronger from this year. The nation has adopted Euro as its national currency and has become the 19th member of the Euro zone.

It allows the permit holders to live, work or study in the country for the period their permit is valid. Permit holders are also allowed to enjoy the social and economic benefits as per the permit terms and conditions.

There are two major types of Lithuania Residence Permit:

  1. Temporary Residence Permit: The applicant is entitled to apply for the TRP if he intends to work or study, for family unification or has retained the right to the country’s citizenship. Initially, the permit is issued for up to one year. As long as the permit is valid, the permit holder may change their place of abode and travel in and out of the country any number of times.

To apply, you must contact the Lithuania High Commission in your native country and submit your application. Note submission of application is not an assurance that you will be granted a permit. Therefore you should wait for final verdict before you take any step further.

It will take approximately six months before final verdict is delivered on your application. Once you have been granted a permit you must use it within three months from the date it is issued or else it will automatically lapse.

  1. Permanent Residence Permit: It is issued for five years and gives full liberty to the permit holder to live and work in the country freely. It is the second most sought permit after Lithuania citizenship. You are entitled to get Permanent Residence Permit if you have lived and worked in the country for five years as a temporary residence. In other cases, if you have married a Lithuania resident, or are the descendant of Lithuania citizen or for family unification. The complete processing may take up to four months. In certain cases, it may extend.

Those interested in acquiring the country’s residence permit should either consult the consulate at the Lithuania High commission in your native country or simply get in touch with the Lithuania Immigration expert who will not only provide you complete details but will also provide you proper assistance.


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