Watch out for scams that plague Canada Immigration in 2019

The thought of moving to a place that caters to all your cultural needs as well as a place that creates some of the best job opportunities and a high standard of living is hard to miss. Especially when that place is the immigrant friendly nation of Canada. A place that is set to have more than a million migrants by 2021, where there is a promise of being taken care even in the long term is a rare sight, especially when you arrive from a different part of the nation for Canada immigration.

With some of the lowest unemployment rate in Canada at 5.38 percent it is not difficult to find yourself suitable work in the Canadian job market with the lions share of the Canadian job vacancies falling in the service and private sector industries. Known as the commercial hub of Canada, Ontario has the number of employment opportunities for all the job seekers who come with an intention to work, and gradually bring rest of their family members.

Manufacturing and Information and Technology are the largest industries in the province, along with British Columbia, Saskatchewan Alberta and Manitoba being the top most provinces with industries such as production and manufacturing of foods and beverages, chemicals, machinery and wood products. But if you want to go there, ensure that you score 67 points or more on the Canada points system.

To make sure you pass through flying colors via immigration programs such as Canada Express entry system as well as provincial nominee programs, you not have to ensure that you have a good score tally on the Canada points Calculator but watch out for these red flags when you visit a consultants who assists you during your Canada Immigration journey. Here are steps you can do to be aware of such scamming immigration companies.

  • Ensure that the immigration lawyer, consultant, agent, etc. you want to hire for your migration is an Authorized Representative. These representatives are the ones who have been provided with the authority by the Canadian government to help with all your visa and immigration services. To check their authenticity RCIC number on the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council’s registry.
  • Do not get in to pressure to share your card details, as a reputable company would never request incessantly for your personal details or password.
  • Always look out for a good digital presence, as to whether they do not have broken links, poor content and a lack of essential online documentation such as a privacy policy or terms and conditions.
  • Also look out for good and positive customer reviews or video testimonials as it shows how their experience was with the company, and how the case managers efficiently handled their Canada immigration.

For more information on how to save yourself from Canada Immigration scams, you can get in contact with our certified immigration visa experts.


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