What Are Best Options For Canada Immigration For Indians?

Canada Immigration For Indians

India is a developing country and its residents are facing many problems that comprise unemployment, health facilities, safety of women and older people, unclean and polluted air, etc. Some of the basic needs of a person are not rightly met in the country.

Though there are many people who wish to remain as Indian residents, because of one or another reason some of them are forced to cross borders and move to developed destinations such as Canada, the UK, Australia, to name a few.

The reason for leaving the nation can be any, but a majority of Indians are finding Canada, also known as the Maple Leaf Country, quite promising and enticing as far as immigration is concerned. All those amenities that migrant enjoys there is the sole reason behind the immigration and the following pathway makes the entire visa process easy and comfortable.

Best Options for Canada Immigration for Indians

There are several good options, in the form of visa and immigration classes, for the aspirants from India. Here below are some of them.

Federal Skilled Worker Programme

The Maple Leaf Country welcomes skilled and talented people including those from India. Talking of India it is rather rich in talents and skills. To make the most of it, Canada’s popular Federal Skilled Worker Programme (FSWP) invites all of them to its nation, and gain from the Permanent Residency (PR) option. An aspiring Indian can get his talents and skills assessed through its point system and head towards the overseas hotspot.

Investor Visa

Canada lays red Carpet for Investors through its widely used and highly coveted Investor Visa. Indians with strong financial background can seek entry to the nation through this promising pathway. The aspirant is expected to invest some fixed amount in the country, and at the same time, he has to create job opportunities for the citizens. Those rich Indians, who are ready for this challenge, can get entry through Investor Visa.

Skilled Visa

India is a marvellous country that is occupied by a large number of trained and gifted people. There are many experts in the field of mechanics, IT, welding, plumbing, ironworks and electrical field. For these specially blessed peoples, Skilled Visa stands by their side for hassle-free migration to the overseas hotspot.

Provincial Skilled Programme

Multiple Opportunities–There is no lack of talent or skill in India. The nation’s different provinces have different requirements so a wishful Indian can make a way to the country through a province’s skilled programme. You never know your language ability may help you grab the prized and the much sought after PR of the Maple Leaf Country. Indians, passionate about French language, can take this pathway to explore the nation’s multiple benefits.

Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP)

Apart from skills, talents and money, its Canadian residents who can pull Indians arm to the nation through the well-known Provincial Nominee Programme. Under this specific scheme, hopeful Indian can seek nomination from the Canadian family residents. As it is too well known, the Maple Leaf Country is a multi-cultural country even as people from across the world are settled there, and Indians are no exceptions. In fact, one can find a mini India in the hotspot.

Live-in Caregiver Programme

Indians are most popular about their hospitality and careful nature. For all those affectionate Indians, the nation’s Live-in Caregiver Programme is a wonderful option to move to the country. You are very much needed in the country to look after the elder people and physically disabled people. A significant chunk of the people in Canada is pretty old and they need care.

Self-employed Visa

With endless opportunities available in India, people love to experiment in different fields. If an Indian, who have achieved something remarkable in the field of sports or arts, then the Federal Self-employed Visa is just right for them. This will foster hassle-free and convenient migration to the hotspot.

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