What Are The Benefits of Latvia Temporary Residence

The amazingly beautiful and nature-blessed baltic region of Latvia has, lately, emerged as a leading immigration destination. Migrants from across the globe are moving to the country–both on temporary and permanent basis–for investment, business and other important purposes.

There are many benefits of Latvia temporary residence. One of the most vital reasons behind shifting to the place is the famous and widely used Schengen Visa even as the same allows the migrants to move to 25 countries in and around Latvia. The Baltic nation being a part of European Union (EU) allows the residents to move into the Schengen zone without a visa. Schengen Visa allows multiple entries to the Baltic state. This permit has a capability of converting temporary residency into permanent residency.

Temporary Residency Permit (TRP) of Latvia offers the migrant to work and live in the country. He enjoys the same rights pertaining to health, education and job placements which the citizen of the country gets pleasure from. The possessor of such a residence permit can buy cars and use them in other countries without paying any custom or duty. Another advantage which greet h the migrants is that he can get a driver’s license also and the right to drive in all European countries, without any constraints whatsoever.

Another major advantage of Latvia provisional residence is that the immigrant can apply for the permanent residency and later even the citizenship. He may gain all the facilities which a Latvian citizen is entitled to receive. The TRP also allows the holder to call his family to the country and reside with him; the family members also enjoy the same rights while staying in the country.

The freedom of investment and doing business in this Baltic region constitute another important advantage of gaining temporary residency of the country. With so much of exposure to well defined trade the migrant can flourish and expand his business and make his life more wonderful and enjoyable. The country has well defined ware houses which enables the business man to keep and protect his business related products. The place not only gives the freedom of work but also helps in its development also.

Significantly, the place is located in such a picturesque surrounding that a visitor will not leave the chance of migrating from the place. Its peaceful surroundings and natural sightseeing makes the alien stick to the place and enjoy peaceful life as well.

Latvia’s tax policies are also not very taxing and it attracts more and more people to attain the TRP of the country. The cost of living is very low in the nation which makes it stand out in the crowd of other migration destinations. Its low cost of living and plethora of business opportunities make the destination a great immigration hotspot in terms of gaining temporary residency.

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