What Is Canada Alberta Nominee Program 2013?

Alberta is a developing province of Canada in need of economic support from outside sources. And hence it is searching for options in the form of human resources through Canada Alberta Nominee Program 2013. The program has been specifically developed by the government of Canada to attract the immigrants to Alberta province. The main aim behind this program is to woo those professionals who are ready to contribute in the economy of Alberta by working there.

The program has been planned and operated by the Government of Alberta along with the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) department belonging to Canadian Government. The program is aimed at offering permanent residence to the immigrants.

Who can apply for permanent resident visa?

The application for permanent resident visa for Alberta Nominee Program can be made through the CIC. It can be only made if you as an individual have been nominated as Provincial Nominee by the Government of Alberta. Generally the individuals who are nominated can also apply for permanent residence for their spouse/ partner and the children dependent upon them. The decision on the applications for the Provincial Nominee Permanent resident is finally taken by the CIC.

The program is not for temporary work permit extension

There is a general misconception about the Alberta Nominee program that through this program the workers can obtain temporary work permit extensions and continue living and working in Canada. But the CIC does not entertain any such applications that are for extensions under this category and the workers are expected to follow the regular rules of immigration for getting their worker visa extended.

Check your eligibility for this program

The eligibility criteria and application process for 2013 Alberta Nominee program depends mostly on the category and stream through which you are applying. Some of the categories of application are given below:

Alberta Employee or Skilled worker

To apply under this category you need to be a foreign worker with full time and permanent offer of job from an employer of Alberta. You should come under the skilled occupation category


You are an employer of Alberta who is expecting to retain a worker from foreign country on permanent and full time basis.

International Alberta employer or graduate

As an applicant you should have recently graduated from a post-secondary institution of Canada and also have a full time offer for permanent job from an

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employer in Alberta. You should come under the category of skilled worker.


You as an employer of Alberta are interested in retaining an international graduate on a full-time and permanent basis.

Similarly, there are other categories such as Semi-skilled worker or Alberta employer, trades person, engineer, farmer and more. The semi skilled category includes hotel and lodging industry, food and beverage processing industry, long-haul trucking industry, manufacturing industry and food services industry. As a trades person you are expected to carry an Alberta Qualification Certificate in Optional or Compulsory trade. As an engineer you should be a drafter or designer with work experience in Alberta.

To obtain permanent residence visa through Canada Alberta Nominee Program 2013 you need to qualify in either of the various categories given by the CIC. In the final selection the decision of the CIC is final and all the applications will be entertained by it.

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