What Documents You Require Furnishing to Obtain British Holiday Visa?

The United Kingdom (UK) is one of the most popular holiday destinations for the global travelers. People from every corner of the world want to visit the country to experience its rich culture, modern lifestyle, and rich history. But before you plan your holiday to the county, figure the British Holiday Visa–also known as the British Tourist Visa–and also the documents that you need to furnish to get it.

If you want to visit the UK for a short period of time, you will have to apply for a visa. The desired category is often referred as Standard Tourist Visa that can be used for holiday, to visit a friend or a family or for business conference/meeting purpose. The visa is issued with a validity of six months. In some specific cases, the same can be extended up to 10 years.

British Holiday Visa

British Holiday Visa

British Holiday Visa Categories

You have two categories of the British Holiday Visa to choose from:

Short Term Visa: It is issued for up to six months subject to further extension with certain conditions.

Long Term Visa: It can be issued for up to 2, 5 or 10 years. At the time of submitting the visa application, the applicant will have to show that frequent visits to the country will be required over due course of time, and the purpose of the visit will remain unchanged.

The visa application is to be submitted either at the UK High Commission or UK visa application center. It can be presented in person or online.

British Holiday Visa–Key Documents Required

Following is the list of the important documents that you require submitting with your visa application:

  • Valid passport with at least six months validity along with minimum one blank page to get a visa stamp, along with old passport (if any).
  • Latest Color photograph with white background, matte finish size 35 mm X 45 mm 80% face Size.
  • Cover letter with all your personal details and complete UK itinerary with hotel booking.
  • Proof of funds that you will be able to cover your expenses in the country.
  • In case working, salary-slip for the preceding six months.
  • Bank statement for the previous six months.
  • Income Tax (form 160) for the preceding six months.
  • Leave letter from firm/employer, school or college.
  • Retirement letter, in case applicable.

    British Holiday Visa

    British Holiday Visa

Apart from these documents immigration the concerned officials will look for the following factors while verifying the applicant’s documents:

Finances: UK immigration officers are very particular about the applicant’s financial condition. The UK high commission will strictly verify the financial proofs and if any loophole is found, the visa application will be rejected straightaway.

Professional Ties: You are a weak applicant if you are unable to prove your professional ties to your home country and people as in such situations the chances will be high that you are a potential migrant to the country with no intention to come back.

Family Ties: Having a family with strong emotional ties is also a plus point and a proof that you will come back to your family before the visa expires.

Getting a British Holiday Visa is very simple if you follow the rules and regulations carefully.


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