What Factors Make A Country World’s Best & Brightest for Immigration?

Did you every question someone why did you migrate? Probably, no! The thumb of the rule is that mainly financial instability or social dissatisfaction motivates people to migrate to foreign shores. Since ages, people have been migrating from one country to another. As a result, today many countries have developed ethnic multi cultural societies.

To speak the truth, when it comes to choosing the world’s best and brightest country for immigration the decision may lie on the applicant’s objective and future personal prospects. For some, immigration could be a source to gain international experience and high perks; others may immigrate due to job dissatisfaction.

When one talks about the world’s best and brightest Country for Immigration the list is long. Some countries–like Denmark, Poland, Hong Kong, United States, Britain, and Australia–are quite popular. But of late even certain countries, such as Africa, China, New Zealand, and Zimbabwe have gained widespread acceptance.

If you are a skilled professional–such as Engineer, Nurse, IT professional, etc–and not satisfied in terms of pay package and job responsibility, you may consider Canada, Denmark or Australia. These countries consider migrants especially skilled professionals as national assets and not national burden. In fact, many of these nations annually raise a list of occupations in shortage in their respective countries. And if you happen to be one these professionals currently in demand that means you have already won the half race.

And if you happen to be a business professional or wish to invest in a foreign country, then it is advised that you should choose the US, the UK or Denmark. These immigration hotspots have low tax rate and government of the respective nations provide assistance to those business plans that are worth considering.

But remember: migrating to any country is not easy. The more the specific country is developed it is likely the more stringent will be the immigration rules and regulations.

Now, let’s look at the various factors that make a country bright and the best for migrants:

  • High Standard of living
  • Strong economy
  • Political stability
  • World-class Education institutions/universities
  • An easy acceptance from local citizens for migrants
  • Low crime and pollution rate
  • Employment opportunities with competitive pay package
  • Excellent work environment
  • Low cost of living with the possibility to save more
  • Migrant-friendly environment
  • Social and financial security

Some immigration experts strongly believe that today modernization and fast growing economy have made even small countries valuable asset for migrants. Migrants can easily compromise with the standard of living but it’s hard to compromise on social and economic security.

The movement of people from one country to another is high mainly from underdeveloped to developed countries. Those with strong GDP and economic growth are likely to be on the receiving end and at times these countries have to face the problem of illegal migrants also.

At times, some people get confused or carried away when choosing a country to migrate. Such prospective immigrants need to know that half knowledge is always dangerous. Therefore, it is best before you choose the best and the brightest country to immigrate, consult an immigration consultant.


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