What Fuels UK Immigration & Makes it so Popular?

The United Kingdom, or just the UK, is a leading immigration hotspot—especially for most of the migrants and would-be migrants from the Asian continent. One of the reasons behind the worldwide popularity and acceptance of UK immigration is the hospitable nature of its citizens. In general, they are more open to integrate with the overseas people.

Availability of a large number of rewarding job opportunities in the country is yet another factor behind the worldwide popularity of the UK immigration. Migrants to the nation look for and get permanent and temporary jobs and handsome wages in the country, provided they are skilled. There are fewer restrictions to job placements even as the British employers look forward to employing qualified overseas migrants.

Migrants can claim multiple benefits which include superlative educational and healthcare services. Significantly, it is not just the primary migrants who get to enjoy these, their children and family members also get a chance to make the most of the benefits up for grabs in the nation.

Another major factor that makes UK immigration very popular is the secured old age life in UK. A great deal of money is spent for taking care of the old age group people. They are provided with the basic amenities along with various other benefits. Special cultural programmes are organized for their entertainment.

The robust UK economy and the strong value of British pound are other important reasons that make immigration to UK well-liked across the globe.

To make the most of the benefits available in the nation, the candidates have to make a valid entry to the nation. There are many easy-to-follow permit pathways which can help them safely land and settle in the nation. The aspirants can choose a visa according to his specific needs and requirements.

The sure shot entry can be easily made through Tier 1 (General skilled Migration) visa. Apart from this, there is the popular and widely preferred Work Permit, Business and Investors Visas. A person can visit the nation as a general visitor or for a family reunion.

Coming back to the Tier 1 Visa, it is essentially a point-based visa where-upon the aspirant has to score 95 points. Points are doled-out on the basis of the applicant’s age, educational qualifications, employment experience, language skills, and his financial position.

More points are given to those with higher educational degrees. In the same way, the person studying in amongst top 100 universities, tend to grab more points. Those, who are under 35 years, will obtain more points. Similarly, candidates’ knowledge of English is tested under the visa program and points are allotted accordingly.

This visa gives the freedom of living and working in the UK. Though Tier 1 Visa gives the opportunity to work for a period of two years in the nation, the holder has the option of further extension for another 3 years.


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