What is the Canada PR Points System process in 2021?

Canada PR Points System is more or less unchanged since its inception in 2015. The express entry program focused more on welcoming foreign skilled professionals to fill the labor market gap in Canada. Canada faces a shortage of skilled workers due to the aging population and low birth rate. There are many budding businesses that mushroom in every corner of this country, but the workers’ shortage is significant. Programs like Express Entry and Canada PNP fill those shortages with qualified and talented foreign professionals.

What is the Canada PR Points System process in 2021?

However, the year 2020 witnessed a minor halt in the immigration process due to the Covid-19 outbreak and subsequent travel restrictions. The Canadian government decided to pause welcoming foreign talents, and instead, they focused on the foreign workers who are already in Canada temporarily. Despite that halt, Canada was prosperous in meeting the yearly quota or immigration levels.

With a nationwide vaccination drive and reform policies, Canada’s immigration system is expected to be back on track by 2021. Instead of only inviting the professionals in Canada, the immigration department will resume granting permanent residency for a foreign professional with its Foreign Skilled Worker Program under Canada Express Entry Program.

 How does the Canada PR points System work in 2021?

Similar to the existing point system framework, Canada follows the same structure in the year 2021. To be eligible for the program, you need to score a minimum of 67 points in the Canada Immigration Points Calculator. Below is the Eligibility Points System factors:

  • Age – You can score a maximum of 12 points according to your age
  • Education – If you have high qualification such as Ph.D. you can score up to 25 points
  • Work Experience – With higher professional experience in the chosen NOC, you can achieve maximum 15 points
  • Language Skills – If you get higher CLB or bands in the language exam, you can get up to 28 points
  • Arranged Employment in Canada – Having a valid job offer from Canada can fetch you 10 points
  • Adaptability – For your spousal qualification & experience, you can get 10 points

Once you meet the Canada PR Requirements for eligibility, you must score high on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Your CRS score will decide your Canada Immigration Selection. The higher points, the greater the chance of selection. Below is the factors and thresholds for CRS:

  • Age – You can secure a maximum of 100 points between 20 – 29 years with a spouse. But, without a spouse, you can score total 110 between 20 – 29 years
  • Language Proficiency – For language proficiency in English and French, you can get 150 points with spouse and without spouse 160 points
  • Education – Higher professional education will fetch 140 points with spouse and 150 points without spouse
  • Work Experience – You can get maximum 50 points on total years of work experience
  • Additional Factors:
  • Siblings – For any siblings in Canada, you can get Additional points of 15 points
  • Arranged Employment – If you have valid job offer from Canada, you can get 50 or 200 points based on the NOC
  • Canadian Education: For Canadian education of 2 years or three years, you will get 15 and 30 points, respectively
  • Provincial Nomination: If you receive provincial nomination, you will get 600 points

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