When We Have to Submit IELTS to Australian Immigration!

When one generally talks about favorable climate, excellent work- environment, easy immigration norms, and high paid jobs, then there are some immigration destinations–such as Canada, Australia, the US, the UK, Singapore, and Denmark, etc–that usually reverberate in the head. Among these nations, Australia finds a high place. Here, you will always have the leverage, if you are skillful and intelligent, and of course, keen to make it big globally even while you get the chance to live in one of the most developed world economies.

Significantly, of late, this country has been inviting people to arrive and make their dreams come alive on its territories. However, the way to this land is never a cake walk. You will have to go through numerous technical procedures and fulfill many complex immigration laws before you can make it here. But, with expert help and guidance, you can make the visa process quite easy and hassle-free. But we will talk about it sometime later. Let’s first dwell on the key issue at hand here!

English Language Skills for Australia Immigration

In Australia, English is the official language and almost everything is done in English, so you need to have your English skills tuned up at its best to make it to this land. For assessing your English acumen, there is a test named International English Language Testing System, or popularly known by its acronym IELTS, conducted to assess your proficiency in English, as it is the most important criterion to determine your stay in Australian.

If you are looking for an Australian Visa, then the first and the foremost thing that you have to do is to contact the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). This is the body that would process your visa and declare you eligible or non-eligible. This department conducts the IELTS Test and you have to submit your result to them.

At the present, there may be some questions simmering in your head like when we have to take the IELTS Test and when we have to submit the result to the Australian immigration authorities. These questions are pretty technical and they can be best answered by an immigration consultant. There are innumerable immigration agents who are working to help make way to foreign countries easy and achievable.

Once you avail the services offered by these consultants, you will manage to figure-out all the technicalities that are required to make your way to those countries that you are aspiring for. However, in all these applications, the ILETS is a must thing to watch out for.

In most of the cases, your character certificate and health assessments are also considered to determine whether you are suitable for getting the visa. These things play a pivotal role for determining whether your application will be accepted.
If you are submitting an application for Australia immigration, then you can do so easily by applying through the General Skilled Migration Program (GSMP). This program is most sought by the Australian immigration department as the demand for skilled labor has spiked recently in Australia.

Under this program, you can apply for immigration to Australia through certain visas classes that are mentioned below in the list.

1. Under Skilled Independent Visa

2. Skilled visa under nomination

3. Nominated provisional Skilled Visa

4. Employer Nomination Scheme.

These are some of the visas that you can opt for, for immigration to Australia. At the same time, you must know the ILETS requirement, in the test overall 7.0 point is a must to make it to this country out of 10, and at the same time, you will also have to score 60 marks in critical analysis exam that is point based. If you are through with all that, then you can submit your IELTS marks and critical analysis marks to the DIBP for assessment and procedure, to successfully make it to the country.


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