Which Are Easiest Countries to Emigrate from India?

If you ask that which are the countries witnessing exodus at a large scale, you will definitely feel like naming India and China as among the top in the list. From India, the trend of movement germinates the most, and if you are looking for a smart solution to help figure-out the countries that can see the maximum amount of immigration, you can definitely bank upon this piece.

In this piece, you will get to know the easiest countries to emigrate from India, and once you are done with that, you will definitely feel like applying for those countries. Here, we are not covering Australia and Canada and focusing on certain other destinations as a lot has already been written on these two particular destinations.

So, if you want to emigrate from India, the easiest countries to resort to will picture in this piece. Now let’s dig deep and find out the countries that are calling you from the distant ground!


This nation is extremely dynamic and every year innumerable immigrants are hitting this country in the first place. On an average, 6 million immigrants are coming to Brazil and increasing job opportunities have also given a fillip to Indians to move to Brazil for work and stay. If you want the best place to let your dreams come alive, you cannot think for any better option than Brazil.


This nation has historical roots with Jerusalem–the most holy site in the world to ever witness change. The country has excellent dynamics, and if you want a quick movement to happen in the first place, you can definitely rely on this nation. The fees for education are also pretty affordable standing at US$2,500 and US$3,000. So, if you want the best place, you can definitely look up to this country.


This country is excellent in terms of transparency, and if you are applying for this country from India, you will have multiple benefits ascertained in the first place. The nation also provides free tuition fees and other benefits that make it an excellent place to look up to.

If you want to move to Norway from India, you will completely feel the advantage since diplomacy between these two countries is the best. Often the processing time of the visa is real fast, and you tend to get innumerable benefits when you are ending up being in this country. The standard of living is at its best and you will completely feel like taken over again when you step into this country.

New Zealand

The ‘Land of Heaven’ is what you can address this piece of the world with. This country is extremely dynamic, and if you want to move in there, maybe that this is the best time to do it. You will be completely mesmerized seeing the atmosphere, and if you want the best to happen, you can look up to this country. The visa processing is real quick even as you will be completely satisfied once you apply for this immigration hotspot.


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