Who Qualifies for Canadian Permanent Residence Skilled Worker Immigration?

Anyone who has seriously followed the announcement of the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), regarding the Express Entry system, will surely by now know who Qualifies for Canadian Permanent Residence for skilled worker Immigration programme.

For skilled immigrants, the ‘Maple Leaf Country’ is a rather hot immigration destination, rightfully so. Very recently, the country won the top spot for global opportunities with outstanding results in the matters of tolerance for overseas skilled workers.

The answer of the question who qualifies for Canadian Permanent Residence for skilled worker Immigration programme is simple: applicants who successfully enter the ‘Express Entry pool’ and score well on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) are likely to qualify for the much desired and bumper prize Permanent Residency (PR).

Now let’s have a brief outcome of the process!

Any individual, who aspires to acquire the PR status in Canada, is required to create an online profile. On the basis of the information provided, a decision is taken if he is eligible for any of the available economic programmes. Eligible candidates then enter the Express Entry Pool, and get ranked as per the CRS. Candidates with high points are likely to be issued with an ‘Invitation to Apply’, and will have maximum 60 days to claim the status of PR online.

Aspirants–without a job offer or provincial/territorial nomination–may register themselves with the Canada Job Bank.  The system makes the movement of skilled immigrants–who aspire to become the Permanent Residents of the country–pretty smooth.

The CRS plays a very important role for trained immigrants in determining their eligibility for PR. Let’s have a look what the CRS is! It is a mechanism used to rank applicants based on respective Human Capital, determined by various factors, such as education, age, language, experience and if applicant has a valid job offer from a Canadian employer or has a provincial/territorial nomination.

Points are given for all the above factors. This helps the CIC to determine which applicant is worth considering. Candidates with high points are issued an ‘Invitation to Apply’. Each applicant gets an opportunity to score up to 12, 00 points, 600 points are directly awarded to the aspirants with a valid job offer or a provincial/territorial nomination, and 600 points are awarded separately for their human capital.

Note: In order to obtain PR it is not mandatory to have a prior job offer from a Canadian Employer or a provincial/territorial nomination. To make the movement of immigrants easy, annually 25 draws will take place, out of which seven draws have already taken place successfully issuing an ‘Invitation to Apply’ to nearly 7,000 applicants.


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