Why Moving to Canada makes your Immigration Journey Complete?

If there is any overseas destination that can tickle your nerves, then Canada awaits you as it always has housed immigrants from all nationalities, which is exactly why without moving to Canada there will always be a since of incompletion when it comes to immigrating to a land where you are accepted, supported and celebrated for what you are, and what you aspire to achieve.

Getting to Canada can be easier now with the relaxed immigration policies that have been designed by the immigration department of Canada, to ensure that immigrants who wish to come and settle in Canada for the long term do not face any hurdles or difficulties.

Because when it comes to benefits, you will be delighted to find that Canada provides you with a bagful of long term opportunities such as free healthcare and medical services, free education for children till the age of 18 after which university education is provided at subsidized rates. Also, social security benefits such as employment insurance, unemployment allowance as well as disability, maternity, family related benefits as well as child aid and support.

Canada is not only limited to this, with its recent new parents and grandparents program of 2020 the nation understands the power and importance of family reunion, and has opened this window on humanitarian grounds. This will help in increasing the purchasing power of the entire family as parents and grandparents act as the domestic backbone when it comes to support.

Which is why Canada not only provides them with working rights but an open pathway to Canadian permanent residency as they continue to reside in the country, Many immigrants who choose to come via the PNP program as per occupational interests have matched the local labor needs and requirements of the updated Canada NOC list of that province.

To be eligible for permanent residency in Canada it is better to get your points tallied on the Canada points Calculator as it helps you assess whether or not you are even qualified to be considered, when it comes to the Canadian government decision to send you an Invitation to apply for permanent residence.


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