Wish to Know about Denmark Immigration Process from India?

Indians, by and large, are well-known for their quality of hard work and sincerity, and also for their unmatched hospitality. The world’s most peaceful country, Denmark, has its own USPs; for instance, it has many appealing work opportunities for those who are skilled. No wonder, immigration to Denmark is not very far from the mind of a hopeful migrant from this part of the globe.

Immigration to Denmark

Denmark immigration process from India includes many pathways which help the aspirants from India to successfully land on the nation’s soils. Coming back to the attractions of the Nordic Nation of Denmark, it boasts of some of the finest educational establishments also. The nation recommends Student Visa guidance which includes interviews, counseling programme, documentation and visa guidance. With the migration point of view, the applicant can look up for any of these valuable services.

The most appropriate gateway open to an aspiring migrant is the Denmark Green Card. It is especially designed after keeping those professionals in mind who wish to live and work in this safe country. This Denmark immigration process from India will prove beneficial to the Indians who are qualified and talented. One latest news report states that the Nordic Country is currently running short of skilled and qualified workers.

Coming back Green Card, one of the best things about it is that it is renewable and very appealing. Through the Card the migrants can visit the nation and look for the job of his choice within 3 years of time. This Danish Green Card is purely based on the points system, and the candidates from India have to get 100 points and these minimum points will decide whether they are eligible for the valuable Card.

The program of the Card depends on the age, education, work experience, language proficiency and the finances of the applicants. Points are assigned under these norms for Denmark immigration method from India with the liability of less than 40 years of age. The would-be migrants from Indian must possess Masters Degree in their respective fields even as Engineering, Technology, Computer and Pharmacy scores hold complete points for successful immigration to Denmark.

The Indian candidates with a degree must be involved with one of the professions from the occupation list and possess experience during the 5 years in the same profession to grab more points. The rule of minimum 3 years experience hold true as well. The pathway of Green Card requires mandatory 1 year study in either of the following languages, i.e., English, Danish, German, Swedish and Norwegian. Remember: IELTS score will help in grabbing extra points.

Apart from these, the aspirants will get more points if they have studied or worked in any of the European countries or the EEA countries, but the restriction of minimum 1-3 years assist in getting additional points. An Indian aspirant should posses enough funds to sustain himself and his family in the Denmark for complete 1 year. Indian Medical Practitioners seeking immigration needs Danish authorization.

Denmark immigration procedure from India allows Indian aspirants to get temporary residency for 3 years which can be further extended to 4 years, but with the requirement of working for complete 12 months in the nation.


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