With an Australia PR Visa in hand find out whether will you be eligible for the Healthcare Plan!

 Migration is a wonderful process wherein you move to a place with your family. You start a new life in hope and search for a life of a better quality and many other amenities that accompany it. With increasing employment opportunities in key Australian cities, there is a sea of choices available to you. Not only this Australia, has gone ahead to emerge as a potential business destination, being one of the most prosperous developed economies of the world. Once you settle in Australia, it becomes a haven for you and your family with the best in terms of educational system, healthcare facilities, renting as well as transportation. All your needs are taken care of, in Australia.

Australia PR Visa

Australia PR Visa

But, our topic of interest today is Healthcare in Australia and whether you are eligible for it with that Australia Permanent Resident Visa of yours. Known for its sophisticated and state of the art healthcare facilities, you need not worry as Australia has been already been bestowed with best-in-class equipment and medical professionals in every department possible. Nursing is one of the best professional skills that you will find in Australia. The system of health insurance or “Medicare” in Australia encompasses Australia PR Visa holders and Citizenship holders of Australia.

The Department of Health is the government body that designs the Medicare policy of Australia, and the human services department is the one which takes care of the Medicare Scheme. The DHS is also body which makes decision regarding who can and who cannot avail the Medicare facility in Australia. There may be a lot of people who will not qualify for the Medicare scheme. If that is the case, they can take a Private Medical Insurance which is equally good. Keep in mind that your medical insurance should cover you right from the time you set foot in the Kangaroo land from the time you leave the country. But if the insurance cover expires prior to your departing the country, you will have to purchase another one during your stay in Australia, making it safe for you, and your family.

Here are some of the benefits of a Healthcare Plan with an Australia PR Visa in hand are:

  • Prescription Costs are much lower
  • You can avail free healthcare in public hospitals as a patient who covered within the scheme
  • One of the best things about this Medicare plan is that you can avail these services at free of cost
  • Optometrists, Dentists, doctors and specialists and other medical professionals are included within this scheme.

Also, if you are planning to get treated in a Private Hospital, Worry Not! you will be liable to get 75% discount on account of your hospital charges. But this will not include excluding accommodation, medicinal and theatre charges.

Medicare Safety Net – is for Australia Permanent Resident Visa holders and is essentially a registration-based benefit scheme applicable to registered Medicare cardholders.


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