Would You Like to Immigrate to Canada

Are you one of those aspirants from abroad who wish to immigrate to Canada, but do not have an exceptionally good idea about the involved visa and immigration process? If the answer is in the affirmative, this article should help. Go through it before you reach a conclusion and chalk-out a plan to move to the immigration destination of your dreams.

Frankly speaking, via a large number of easy-to-follow and stress-free methods, you may shift to the shores of the stunningly beautiful ‘Country Located in the North of the US’. There could be more than one petition kind or class that proves fruitful for you. While making plans to move to the nation, you are advised to mull over various different issues, such as:

1. Your long term purposes in the country.

2. If you are interested to reside in the nation provisionally.

3. If you are keen to remain permanently in the country.

4. Processing times.

5. If you will move alone or along with your family members.

6. The reason you wish to land in the nation.

The list could be long even as finding-out the best manner to shift to the Maple Leaf Country–that applies to your distinctive state-of-affairs and long term targets in the country–will make your visa petition procedure pretty smooth and hassle-free. However, in case you are not certain of the way to move ahead or the options that you have, you would do well to do some research, and find out your probable choices and/or talk to a qualified agent for help.

You can use the various available sources, such as the Internet and Canada consular centers. As mentioned before, you can also week and get help and advice from qualified Canada visa advisors. These consultants are thorough professionals and they can play a crucial role in removing the cobwebs of doubts from your mind, and help you make an ‘informed’ decision and use a really good permit option.

Immigrate to Canada via Different Means

Using various methods up for grabs you can successfully shift to the nation even as these would depend on some issues, such as your educational records, your employment background, your fiscal state, if you have familial links to the Maple Leaf country, and if you have present experience or education in the nation.

Immigrate to Canada–Top Options

Now let’s take a quick look at the many leading visa options for a hassle-free Canada immigration:

Federal Skilled Worker Stream

It is basically targeted at duly rewarding those with in demand professions with the prized and the much sought after Permanent Residence (PR) position in the nation. In a situation where in your specific line-of-work comes on the list of the entitled professions, you can make the cut and be accepted under this class.

Federal Skilled Trades Stream

Like the program mentioned above, it also seeks to draw trained trades persons who can fulfill the present labour market requirements in the country.

Canadian Experience Class

It tries to suitably reward those who have already received worthy job or educational experience in the nation, on the basis of the particular nature of their work. In case you are motivated with permanently immigrating to the country–in the aftermath of already spending not less than 1 year in the country–this program could be perfect for you.

Family Sponsorship

In case you have a partner or a common law partner in the nation, who is ready to offer sponsorship to you for PR, you may utilize this as a really practical path to successfully immigrate to the Maple Leaf Country. Some other requirements on the sponsor are also there.

Provincial Nominees

Of late, the Canadian Federal Administration has signed a deal with the various provincial administrations to enable Canadian provinces to offer nomination to a person for PR, on the basis of fulfilling its specific requirements. The Provincial Nominee Scheme is a practical means for you to immigrate to the Maple Leaf Country, to the particular province of your nomination.


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