You Heard It Right–Australia Needs Trained 224113 Statisticians!

Are you aware of the fact that presently there is a pressing requirement of qualified Statisticians 224113 in Australia? Read the article to learn how the present time is perfect for Australia immigration for these professionals! You can also check with immigration and visa professionals, if you want.

Every working professional dreams of a lucrative and prosperous career, but only some can live their dream of a handsome salary and job security. If you are a trained expert who wants to migrate to greener lands, to create a prosperous path for yourself and your family, there is good news for you!

Australia Needs Trained 224113 Statisticians

Australia Needs Trained 224113 Statisticians

The ‘land of million opportunities and growing economy’, Australia, has started welcoming skilled workers and professionals as immigrants from all parts of the world.

To meet the growing demand of talent, and support their rapidly evolving economy, Oz has opened up multiple avenues for the talented professionals who want to contribute to their country’s economy, and enjoy excellent benefits of living in the land down under.

The best part – once you migrate as a skilled employee, you will be eligible to apply for Permanent Residency (PR) in the later stages as well!

To migrate to Australia as a Statistician, you would need to follow a process. Every year the Government of Australia releases an annual ‘Skilled Occupation List’, and you would be required to nominate the occupation which is most relevant to your educational qualifications and skills from this list, which in your case, would be the 224113 Statistician.

Your specific line-of-work is given on the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) making you eligible for a visa. Thus, if you are a prospect skilled migrant, you can easily opt for the different visa categories or subclass under the General Skilled Migration or ‘SkillSelect’ Programme and live and work anywhere in the country.

Generally, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) of the nation evaluates a profile on the following factors, namely, Age limit, Work Experience, Short or Long term shortage of skill, Language proficiency, etc.

Coming back to your profession, as a trained Statistician, your primary job responsibilities will revolve around designing, bringing together, understanding and applying the various statistical models, theories, standards and practises to produce reports and analysis for companies, organizations, government purposes.

To work as a skilled immigrant in the country, under the 224113 Statistician profile, you might require a licensing or registration with the local regulatory bodies as well. Overall, it is an easy way to obtain PR in the land down under, and take advantage of a growing economy, diverse environment and excellent living benefits.

Pay & Perks

Apart from a high quality of life and better future, you can expect an attractive annual compensation starting from 95, 725 Australian Dollars as a male and 82, 446 Australian Dollars as a female employee in Down Under.


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