Do You Know about US Victim Visas

Have you heard about US Victim Visas? Well, these out-of-the-ordinary permits facilitate unregistered immigrants to stay and do a job in the nation lawfully, if they are found to be sufferers of any kind of wrongs or offences committed inside the nation. While the permits are legally valid for a duration of 4 years, these also remove the risk of exile from the US by the US authorities.

Basically, these visas are non-immigrant by nature even as every year a combined total of 10,000 U Permits are offered by the by the concerned US immigration body. These permits proffer an impermanent legal position to the sufferers of crimes in the nation. An additional vital point worth noteworthy is that some important family members may also be covered on the visa application.

Employment Eligibility

Another positive aspect of these visas is that an aspirant becomes qualified to do a job in the nation for a time-frame of 4 years, courtesy his application presented for the U Permit. It is indispensable that every sanctioned U visa application is duly accompanied with an endorsement certificate for employment. It is also imperative that the Employment Authorization Document is produced before the recruiter/job-provider, for obtaining a Social Security Number, to start working in the nation, in a lawful manner.

The petition for the US Visa is presented with a unique form, called Form I-918. It is critical that the candidate fulfills a variety of conditions, before he puts forward his submission. It is also decisive that the crime has led to extensive mental and/or physical violence to the candidate for making him entitled for the permit.

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