Do You Know Business and Investment Opportunities in Armenia Are Enormous?

Situated in the mid of the Caspian Sea and Black Sea, Armenia is the second most populated and the smallest of the republics of the ex-Soviet. It shares its geographical boundaries with Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran and Turkey. Armenia is a small yet historically rich country, and if you wish to enjoy your life in a peaceful environment, then perhaps no other country can beat Armenia.

It is a lesser known country but steadily earning reputation on international map and has witnessed many historically moments that you will feel while living in the country. If you love winter and autumn season, then for surely you will automatically fall in love with Armenia. And, if you are a sports-lover and are keen to learn new culture, then in no way you can ignore the beautiful small country.

In Europe, when some big countries like Greece have lost the faith of the people, and some other nations such as Spain and Portugal are also likely to be effected by the Greece fall down, in such a scenario people are looking for a good alternative.

Armenia fits the bill very well. Its growing economy is fast attracting prospective immigrants. The nation’s economic growth has started earning the trust of international institutions, like World Bank (WB), International Monetary Fund (IMF), and other Financial Institutions, and developed countries which have extended the helping hand, in terms of loan and grants.

The administration has taken big steps in the direction of becoming a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO). But by 1994 the Armenian Administration had commenced a grand IMF-sponsored economic liberalization scheme that led to favorable growth rates during 1995-2005. The nation became a member of the WTO in January 2003. It also has cut inflation, made its currency stable, and privatized majority of small & medium-sized projects.

By looking at the country’s economic growth, it is fair to say that business and investments opportunities in Armenia are endless. The policy of the country is based on the conditions of developing a favorable environment for foreign investors and business personals with the aim of increasing the volume of business personals and investors who are looking for an opportunity to settle overseas.

Armenia, by and large, is an immigrant-friendly country with liberal practicing immigration policies. It’s easy to move to its shores. For those who want to get maximum benefits from endless business and immigration opportunities in Armenia, should know that immigrating to the beautiful European country is a relatively easy task that does not cost you much. One does not really have to go through lengthy process such as speak the national language, make heavy investment, or else buy the real estates.

The nation has given relaxation to the citizens of EU/EFTA and former USSR countries can travel to it without obtaining a visa for 180 days. For the citizens of other countries, it is mandatory to submit an application for a visa, which is initially issued for four months with the possibility of easy extension.

By looking at the present scenario, one may say that business and investments opportunities in Armenia are many, and if you wish to start a business venture in the nation, you must present an application for a Temporary Residence Permit (TRP).

At the time of submitting the application, the applicant must be able to prove the need to stay in the country for one year or more. This can be done by submitting relevant documents proving your involvement in business activities that may be done by showing a company registration certificate, bank account details, legal invoice of rental property, etc. Eligible candidates may bring along their family members as well.

Business personnel or investors who wish to acquire Permanent Residence (PR) may do so by straight away submitting an application. Qualified applicants can also bring along their family members.


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