Do You Know Electronics Engineers Are Presently in Demand in Australia?

Job options for skilled Electronics Engineers are ample–and if you are eager to leave a mark on the international map–then Australia will be perfect for you. The latest news is that Electronics Engineers are highly in demand in Australia at the present. Under the Code ANZSCO 233411, trained aspirants, motivated with immigration to Australia, can move to the nation, provided they have the right skills and qualifications.

Electronics Engineering is essentially a discipline and it utilizes non-linear and active electrical components, to design electronic circuits, devices and systems. The experts involved also designs passive electrical constituents, normally based on printed circuit boards.

The experts design, build-up, adapt, install, test and continue electronic components, circuits and systems employed for communication arrangements, computer systems, entertainment, transport and additional industrial applications. To join the Australian workforce, the candidates may be required either to register themselves or acquire a license from a certified regulatory body.

Australia Skill Occupation Lists

The in-demand occupation is mentioned on the following occupational lists:-

I. Skilled Occupations List

II. Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List

III. Labour Market Testing Required for 457 List

IV. RSMS Occupations List

It is possible to apply for any of the visas under the General Skilled Migration (GSM) Program. Aspirants can apply under Skilled Independent 189, the Skilled Nominated 190, the Skilled Regional Nominated 489 and the Skilled Regional Sponsored 489 visas. Additionally, there are many other opportunities to file a petition for a number of employer sponsored visas; the applicants have a valid offer of employment in Australia.

Personal Skill Set

I. Demonstrated aptitude for technical job.

II. Ability to lead a team or work independently.

III. Ability to identify, examine and solve the problems.

IV. Good communication skills–both written and oral.

V. Liking for computer and technical designing.

VI. Accuracy and creativity.

VII. Ability to work with tight deadlines.

As the demand of Electronics Engineer is high in Australia these professionals are required to be result-oriented and join the Australian work force at the earliest.

Major Job Responsibilities

Following are the key responsibilities to be performed in Australia:-

I. Design and  develop circuit for electronic control systems and instrumentation

II. Design specially embedded software, and also develop apparatus and process to test circuits, electronic parts and structures.

III. Build-up and keep an eye on the specifications, designs, tenders, contracts and estimates.

IV. Activate computer to assist with complex and lengthy calculations.

V. Decide the type and arrangement of circuit components.

VI. Develop testing tools & processes.

VII. Establish the type of installation, site, layout and transmission medium via reviewing communication traffic and levels of service at installations.

VIII. Oversee and monitor the performance, standards, safety and ways for modification, maintenance and repair.

IX. Check installations with a view to fulfill contract conditions.

X. Study latest applications of technology.

XI. Act together with consumers and other engineers staff on the board.

XII. Design communications bearers on the basis of wired, optical fiber and wireless communication media.

As mentioned before, at the present, the demand of qualified Electronics Engineer is rather high in Australia. Therefore–in case you are inspired to join the Australian manpower and by occupation are an Electronics Engineer– you stand a reasonably good chance of making the cut.

Your petition will be fast-tracked and your candidature will be preferred by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). You will also get bundles of opportunity to progress. It is expected that in the future the demand for the professionals like you will further increase in Oz. It clearly shows that your future is pretty bright in the nation, and your skills will help you reach the zenith of your professional glory in Down Under.

Make the most of the favorable situation! Seek and obtain professional help from those who are in the business of offering Australia visa consultancy! Make certain that nothing comes in between the successful concretization of your Australian dreams and you!


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