Do You Know How to Productively Utilize Canada FSW Program Eligible Occupation List

People from across the globe look to the Canadian Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Program, so that they can easily shift to their favored immigration destination and stay therein. However, the restraining occupation list for the scheme can make several individuals to believe that they do not make the grade and be accepted.

The FSW scheme is a leading immigration and visa plan of the nation, enabling the overseas people to get hold of the prized and the much sought after permanent residence status in the country; of course, in case they fulfill a points-threshold–the basis of which is their education, employment experience, and language expertise, among other factors.

Regardless of being a very well accepted scheme, the FSW Scheme is, frankly, also very limiting, since the candidates–minus an offer of employment–are only in a position to submit an application, in case they possess not less than 1 year or 12 months of experience in a profession given on the eligible occupations list.

The list undergoes improvements every year the scheme is available, and not more than 50 jobs are qualified for the scheme in 2014. The inclusion of just 50 professions unavoidably denotes that many involved people, with not too inspiring credentials, fail to find their present line-of-work on the list, making them think that they are disqualified for the scheme.

With a view to meet the requirements for the FSW scheme, it is crucial that a person possesses not less than 1 year of nonstop permanent employment experience during the previous 10 years in any of the scheme’s entitled professions. Since there is no necessity that the profession, an individual uses to file a petition, is their present line of work, it enables the candidates to present an application under the NOC code of any line-of-work that they have been associated with during the previous decade.

It denotes that even those–who fail to find their present job on the list–can still make the grade for the plan. For instance, several decision-making careers that accept previous experience in a lower stage line-of-work are not covered in the list, even as the lower level openings are covered.

For illustration, the IT Manager (NOC 0213) is a profession that was not a component of the 2014 eligible occupations list. Still the same hardly signifies that the IT Managers does not have the right to shift to the Maple Leaf Country, through the FSW plan. With a view to turn into an IT Manager, it is possible that the person was professionally involved in other IT professions previously in their professional career to graduate to the decision-making position. Till the experience in the other professions was achieved during the previous decade, that person could employ his past experience in the identical domain in a qualified profession, to meet the criteria for the Federal Skilled Worker Scheme.

Despite the fact that the IT Managers fail to find a place on the list for qualified occupations, many other IT professions–and this covers Information Systems Analyst or Consultant (NOC 2171), Computer Programmer and Interactive Media Developer (NOC 2174), Computer Network Technician (NOC 2281), Software Engineer or Designer (NOC 2173), etc.–find place on the list.

A present IT Manager–with not less than 12 months of experience in any of these other qualified professions in the IT business– can utilize that experience to be accepted for the FSW Scheme, minus having to cool his heels in a doubtful state for the IT Managers to be duly recognized in the coming years of the scheme.

Likewise, Engineering Manager (NOC 0211) is another line-of-work that is visibly not present in the eligible occupations list in 2014. Regardless of the managerial or administrative position being disqualified, at the present, the FSW plan has numerous other engineering professions on the eligible profession lists.

Majority of managers possess not less than 1 year of experience in a lower stage profession before turning into an executive/ manager, and hence an Engineering Manager can employ his past experience–as a Mechanical Engineering Technologist or Technician (NOC 2232), Mechanical Engineer (2132), Electrical or Electronic Engineer (NOC 2133), Petroleum Engineer (2145), and/or Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technologists and Technicians (NOC 2241), etc.–to become licensed for the FSW scheme.

People–keen to move to Canada–ought not to be dispirited by the fact that their present job fails to find a place on the entitled job list. It would be better if they take a really good look at their CV/bio-data to make the most of their prior employment experience, and this may enable them to successfully immigrate to the country of their dreams, i.e., Canada.

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