Be On Your Guard against Immigration Racket, Advises Canada Immigration Minister

In a rather significant development, the current Citizenship and Immigration Minister of Canada has reportedly counseled the probable new entrants to utilize the services offered by the many certified immigration visa agents, to be on the safer side, and guard against the possibility of becoming a prey to fraud.

Chris Alexander, the minister, stressed that fraud is an incredibly serious subject in the Canadian immigration structure even as Ottawa is leaving no stones unturned to fight scam, by bringing-in particular steps in the Strengthening Citizenship Act. Allegedly, the same will suitably address falsification in the arrangement of citizenship.

Reportedly, March is Fraud Prevention Month. In 2014, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) joined hands with the concerned national organizations to boost awareness about the approved immigration consultants, besides also the services that they may offer. It is claimed that Fraud Prevention Month, sort of, underscores of value of employing approved immigration advisors, and the fresh visitors get armed with some ‘true’ facts. The occasion also offers information to fresh entrants so that they are not taken for a ride by the many dishonest agents.

Reportedly, for Fraud Prevention Month 2014, the Immigration Canada has prepared a new video even as the same advises the new migrants to not become the preys of what is called a “disappearing act”, and makes clear wherein they may gain details on the immigration agents who have a legal arrangement with the country’s administration.

Unprincipled and unofficial agents make the country’s immigration structure weaker, cost the common taxpayers money, and also reduce the pace of the processing of legal submissions. Under the country’s laws, only sanctioned immigration consultants have the right to levy a charge to assist a person file a petition for a permit to land on the nation’s shores. In case a newcomer employs a representative–who does not have the right to offer visa & immigration services—his submission could be rejected.

Some Speedy Facts At A Glance

  • Giving a signal of success with the Canadian immigration fraud deterrence steps, out of close-to 6,500 permanent residents– marked as being associated with big probes–1,894 persons took back or discarded their citizenship.
  • Directives–which became effective on June 30, 2014–slap penalties on illegal agents–who offer, or proffer to give–counsel or representation for a charge at any given step of an immigration submission or proceeding.  In case the court finds an individual guilty, the said fines would become applicable: on summary conviction, the person is liable to be slapped with a fine of a maximum of $20,000, or a maximum of six months of custody, or both; on being found guilty, they are liable to be slapped with a fine of a maximum of $100,000, or close-to two years of custody, or both.
  • The Bill C-24 underpins the importance of Canadian citizenship by coming down hard on scam, and making certain that citizenship is given to only those who lawfully follow the nation’s immigration & visa laws.

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